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by rap groups" is more appropriate. So I wonder why a separate article is needed here after all? Because in the "Aircraft elevators" section of the elevator's article doesn't say it is the officially name. Jo-Jo Eumerus ( talk, contributions ) 17:46, (UTC) You are right, but those aren't the formulas of the monoxides which are Cl2O and Br2O, what the source has is unstable free radicals ClO and BrO, so you should. Brianboulton ( talk ) 09:17, (UTC) @ Brianboulton : All of these refs should be correct now. Any chance that we could find another one for the "Later accounts of a massacre" section? That's all I have. An article should not be on Featured article candidates and Peer review. But there was also praise given to the game for its originality. How would you feel about: Among their cargoes were over 200,000,000 imperial pints (110,000,000 litres; 120,000,000 US quarts) of wine. Its origins can be traced back to a tropical wave that departed from the west coast of Africa in between August 29 and." in what chronological relevance does logo Site De Rencontre Site De Rencontres Sans Inscription Gratuit the first sentence have with the second? The problem is inconsistency in the sources. It is the only extant native parrot of the Mascarene islands; all others have become extinct due to human activity. Kaiser matias ( talk ) 16:41, (UTC) Image review edit File:Irakly_g: when/where was this first published? I made the change suggested by your second point on the prose. One has to read the paragraph two above in some detail to work it out. FunkMonk ( talk ) 15:26, (UTC) Ref 30: missing page reference As above, an ebook without page numbers.
  • Shall look in again. For the wine, the key thing is that the order must be imperial- metric, to be consistent with the other conversions. I am pinging the reviewers from the first FAC Nikkimaria @ Yashthepunisher @ Numerounovedant @ Ssven2 @ Jo-Jo Eumerus @ Ceranthor @ J Milburn but please do not feel obligated to respond.
  • After a recent A class review I am hopeful that it approaches FA standard, but no doubt it contains flaws and lacunae and all nu Coq Dominatrice Rennes suggestions for improvement are welcome. Pericles of Athens Talk 14:24, (UTC) Hey Pericles. You're right it's a website.
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  • I'll be back with the sources tomorrow and I'll have a dig around for some info to add. Be2 est vraiment fait pour vous. Ive made the captions consistent as far image dates are concerned. And that looks good.

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Exhib Sexy Public Bouche A Bouche Ga Brianboulton ( talk ) 15:22, (UTC) Image review edit Suggest adding alt text. I shouldn't have done that, I should have queried it on the talk page. Cheers - SchroCat ( talk ) 15:38, (UTC) Source review by Factotem edit Some comments below with a few minor quibbles/observations, but I found nothing significant other than an unsourced sentence and an entry in the bibliography that need attention. No clue myself, but there is both a "Facebook" and a "Twitter" template that's used, I personally don't have an opinion on it being in or out.
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Plan Q Gratuit Sex Live Tchat Also why placebibertine Sites Gratuits Rencontres is US not spelled out? FunkMonk ( talk ) 21:13, (UTC) @ FunkMonk : Done.
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  1. BioShock  Gameplay compares aspect of the game to System Shock 2 and Pipe Mania. It's a rather peculiar status that doesn't actually give its holders a legal right to live in the. "the elite Turkish troops" Link to something? "While about.4 million people qualified and applied for the status,10.5 million non-bdtc residents (virtually all Chinese nationals) were ineligible." Is there any way to expand on why so many were ineligible? Resonses to your comments above.
  2. The article was nominated once before several months ago, but failed due to lack of reviews. One wants one's efforts to be judged by disinterested judges but not by uninterested ones.
  3. I also believe this nomination is of interest to User:SecretName101. Survey of sources for comprehensiveness I completed an albeit cursory search of Gbooks and jstor for western area command raaf and found nothing to suggest the article isn't a comprehensive survey of relevant sources.
  4. Change the text to reflect that and I'm happy. I'd also specify that the "settlers" were "European" or "British". Which role did he play in founding the cofradia? This article is one of a series of five on the Hundred Years' War in Gascony 1345-46.
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